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Speech-language therapy services may include the treatment of speech disorders/sound disorders (articulation and related disorders), language disorders, social-communication disorders, cognitive-communication disorders, and swallowing disorders (dysphagia). Aural rehabilitation, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and overall communication strategies and techniques are also areas which can be addressed across speech-language therapy services.

Our services are offered in a variety of settings: private-clinic, school-based, in-home, and community. The following service delivery services are offered: one on one, very small group (1:2 or 1:3), and small group. Small groups are usually lead by a multi-disciplinary team targeting skills such as (but not limited to): language, socio-emotional status, executive function, community involvement/adaptation, and overall social communication.

*Service location and delivery method are based on client/family needs and are determined by therapist and team collaboration.

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You may have heard the terms "articulation disorder" and "phonological disorder" to describe speech sound disorders which impact the way a child acquires and produces sounds. Speech/articulation/phonological disorders affect children’s intelligibility and overall communicative effectiveness.  Deficits in the area of speech/articulation may also impact how a child learns to read and spell. There are many therapeutic interventions aimed to target speech/sound disorders. Once a child has been assessed by a speech-language pathologist (including parental consultation), a plan can be established to determine/outline the most effective treatment options for the child based on his/her individualized needs.

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Receptive and expressive language skills refer to a child’s ability to understand (receptive language) and express (expressive language) him/herself in a variety of ways. Receptive and expressive language skills are required in most everyday tasks/activities which include but are not limited to: direction following, reading comprehension, writing sentences/stories/etc., telling narratives, sharing wants/needs/ideas, etc. Embedded within language skills are often additional skill-sets including but not limited to: working memory, executive functions/functioning, processing speed, etc. All skill-sets within the realm of language can be worked toward via an array of evidence-based practices once a child has been assessed and a plan has been established by a speech-language pathologist.

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Social communication refers to a child’s ability to utilize language in social contexts or for social purposes. You might hear this language skill-set called: pragmatics, social interaction, or social cognition. Pragmatic abilities include but are not limited to: perspective taking, understanding and using rules associated with verbal and nonverbal language (tone, gestures, body spacing, nonliteral language, etc.), the use of structural aspects of language (vocabulary, syntax, etc.), conversational exchanges, etc. Deficits across this language skill-set often vary considerably from child to child and subsequently require assessment and consultation from a speech-language pathologist to appropriately treat the specific areas (within social/pragmatic language) of need.

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Occupational therapy refers to what one does throughout the life span to “occupy” their time. These occupations include work, school, self-care, and play/leisure activities. Occupational therapy focuses on the relationship between the cognitive, motor, social, emotional, and sensory functioning that allow a person to perform the daily activities that are necessary in their life.

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We are providers for Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities (DCBDD), Autism Scholarship Program (ASP), and The Ohio Jon Peterson Scholarship Program (JPS). We also accept private payment. We are considered out-of-network providers for major insurance companies; please email for additional information.

For more information on the scope of practice for speech-language pathologists, please visit the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) website at:

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