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    We strive to provide our clients and their families the feeling of being heard, the sense of being understood, and the development of their own “way with words” as we deliver the highest quality of individualized services.

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A Way With Words provides speech/language therapy services in the private-clinic setting, school-based setting, and in-home setting across the Columbus area and beyond. Therapists at A Way With Words (AWWW) work within a close multidisciplinary team to most effectively assess, plan and provide the highest quality of service(s) to meet the individual needs of all children and young adults.

A shared philosophy among the therapists and collaborative team members of AWWW is to work closely and consistently with all team members, especially family members and caregivers, in order to holistically and functionally utilize each child’s personal strengths and weaknesses to maximize growth and successes. Our team members pride themselves on the relationship they have with each client and client’s family. 

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    A Way With Words was founded by Lorin Pankewicz, M.A., CCC-SLP who continues to provide speech/language therapy services in the Columbus, Ohio area. Early in her career, Lorin found that more opportunity for parent, caregiver and other team member collaboration was needed in order to best meet the functional needs of children and young adults. In seeing this need, one of Lorin’s main goals in establishing AWWW was to create an environment that made all clients, their families and team members feel comfortable and confident; an environment that ensured consistent communication among therapist, client, and team members to allow for the development, facilitation and generalization of skills across interaction partners, settings, and situations. 

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